We provide expectant mothers with the information that they need to promote healthy teeth for their growing child. By your child’s first birthday, it’s time for their first dental check-up as well.

At Dr.Chhabrani, we help you take care of your child’s dental health from the very onset. Extensive counselling by experts in kids dentistry and detailed instructions guides you at every step of preventive and protective child oral care.

Your child’s first dental appointment should take place right around their first birthday. From preventative cleanings to protective dental sealants, our goal is to help your child avoid everyday tooth decay and have a strong smile that will last years into adulthood.

As your child becomes familiar with the dental office environment, we provide them with the information and preventive care that they need to avoid everyday problems like cavities, toothaches and bad breath. We help your child make smart choices about nutrition, home hygiene and habits that affect the development of their teeth.

Gentle Dental Care

Should your child require restorative care, we can help by providing the care that they need with the comfort that they deserve. By scheduling routine dental evaluations, our dentists are able to pinpoint problems while they are simpler and easier to correct.

Going to the dentist should be enjoyable, not something that your child fears. Call us today to learn more about creating a positive impact on your child’s future smile.

Why are early childhood dental visits so critical?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests to take your child for his/her first dental visit by the age of 1 or even within the next 6 months after the first baby tooth erupts. Early oral examination is integral for kids throughout the world. The sooner you take them to the dentist, the sooner the dentist can detect and prevent Early Childhood Caries. Habit counseling from early on would guide the use of pacifiers.

An early visit to a dentist for kids in Nagpur helps in:

  • Preventive dentistry will help avoid cavities and also enamel wear, gum disease and many more of oral troubles that arise due to improper hygiene.
  • Risk assessment of infant oral health, like cavity check in mother and child.
  • Bite development: Early intervention helps reduce cost of future orthodontic treatment through use of spacers which help guide teeth if malocclusion is detected early on.
  • Accident prevention: Customised mouth guards help protect your child’s mouth from trauma in case of accidental falls or blows to the mouth.
  • Nutritional recommendations which prevent diseases, help in strong gums and tooth roots.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

The comprehensive oral health care for children from childhood through their adolescent period is referred to as Pediatric Dentistry. It also includes the teaching and research into therapeutic care for all oral troubles of children.

Pediatric Dentistry, i.e dentistry for children is the comprehensive oral health care for children through their adolescence period. It is recommended by The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that a child must have their first oral examination at the dentist by age 1 or even within the next 6 months after the first baby tooth erupts.

Dr.Chhabrani dental clinic, the premier kids dentist in Nagpur, helps mother assess and guide the dental hygiene of their kids right from pregnancy through the early years. We provide extensive counseling from expert pediatric dentist in Nagpur along with detailed instructions about preventive and protective child oral care.

How to make dental care fun for the kids?

At Dr.Chhabrani, a premier institution famed for dentists for kids in Nagpur, we provide you tips to make dental care a fun activity for your kids, thus enforcing the habit.

  • Let them pick their favourite colour or character on their toothbrush.
  • Show them interactive videos or games on dental hygiene.
  • Make them practice brushing their teeth with a timer in tow, so they brush for no more than two minutes.
  • Help them lose fear of the dentist. Start visits at an early age and plan fun activities following visit.

What questions to ask your child's dentist?

  • Should I give my child oral fluoride supplements?
  • Is my child at a risk for oral cavities?
  • How often do I bring my child to the dentist?
  • What is the best kind of brush for my child? How often do I change toothbrush?
  • Should I let my child have dental X-rays taken? Is it safe?
  • Can my child chew gum?

What does a Pediatric Dentist do?

If you have been searching for details on dentistry for children in Nagpur, Dr.Chhabrani is where your search ends. Dr.Girish and Dr.Vaani Chhabrani leave no stone unturned to provide the most sophisticated dental care to your little ones. The range of services from our paediatric dentists include:

  • Providing the entire range of oral health care to children, especially ones who need special care.
  • Providing specialised treatment for birth and/or genetic deficits and other developmental problems.
  • Oral rehabilitation following traumatic injury to mouth/teeth/face.
  • Comprehensive curative and therapeutic care of kids with complex problems like cleft lip, cleft palate, hypodontia etc. These aberrations inevitably have long lasting effects on oral health and may result in speech defects, facial anomalies and much more. The child’s mental and emotional growth thus comes at stake.