- Dental Implant in Nagpur- Closing the Gap with Dental Implants?

Have you ever wondered what your smile might look like if that missing tooth wasn’t missing? There are several ways to fill that gap with a ‘tooth’ that looks and feels exactly like your other teeth.

An increasingly popular way to restore missing teeth is through dental implants in Nagpur. These are used as an alternative to dentures and bridges. Why? Because they have many advantages, including their completely natural appearance, their convenience and their ability to maintain bone mass – a quality that makes additional tooth loss far less likely.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are made up of a titanium screw and a post that is covered with a crown, bridge or denture. We place the implant into the jawbone where it replaces the tooth root. After several months, the implant attaches to the bone, so it now looks and ‘acts’ just like a natural tooth. A titanium post surgically inserted into the jaw bone, as a replacement of a tooth root, is also known as a dental implant. It is positioned beneath the gum line so it allows for a crown or a bridge or a denture.

A patient needs to be evaluated to ensure there is enough bone available to secure the implant. Impressions are taken to provide the necessary mold for a customized implant.

How do Dental Implants work?

The implants fuse to the jawbone and provide permanent support for artificial teeth. The mounted crowns or bridges will not slip or shift.

What is the process of getting an implant?

Firstly, the patient needs to have healthy gums and adequate bone. The implant is inserted and goes through ‘osseointegration’, i.e getting firmly fused with the jaw bone. This takes about 3 months. An abutment is now screwed onto the implant on which a crown is mounted.

What are Dental Implants made of?

Titanium and titanium alloys. Titanium is the metal of choice for its biocompatibility and corrosion resistant nature.

What are the types of implants?

Two types of implants are considered safe by the American Dental Association. They are:

Endosteal Implants: Implanted into the jawbone directly. After healing, a surgery to connect a post/abutment to the implant is undertaken. Lastly, a crown or bridge or denture is mounted.

Subperiosteal Implants: A metal frame fitted to the jawbone below the tissue which fixes to the jawbone over the period of healing. The artificial teeth are then mounted to the post which protrudes through the gums.

What is dental implant cost in Nagpur?

Single Dental implants in Nagpur with the crown/cap costs approximately Rs 20,000 – 50,000 whereas a bridge costs approx. Rs 9,000 – 30,000. If you are planning to get a tooth implant in Nagpur, Dr.Chhabrani provides affordable plans that suit for your need.

What are the risks to getting a dental implants in Nagpur?

Nagpur has one of the leading dental practices, Dr.Chhabrani. Their skilled practice helps prevent most of the complications like fracture or overloading of the implant, damage to adjacent teeth/nerves/blood vessels etc.

Single Tooth Implant

If a person has only one missing tooth, it can be replaced & restored with single tooth implant treatment.

All On 4 / 6 Dental Implants

If all the teeth are missing, the dentist will suggest you to go for All on 4 or All on 6 dental implants depending on the condition of your jaw.


Overdentures are Implant Supported dentures. which fix over the . With this treatment, the overdenture engages retentive attachments on a metal bar that connects to implants, which are placed into your upper and/or lower jaw. The overdenture, which is removable, is secured to the bar through attachments fabricated directly into the denture.

Overdentures are Implant Supported dentures which are removable appliances that include prosthetic teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, upper overdentures are designed without the palate prosthesis which offers better comfort, speech and taste. For the additional support, a partial metal framework is incorporated to the overdenture and provides an extra measure of durability.