Dr. Girish Chhabrani

Dr. Girish Chhabrani has finished his B.D.S from V.S.P.M’s Dental College & Research Centre, Nagpur in 2011. He has finished his M.D.S in Orthodnotics & Dentofacial Asthetics, From Raja Rajeshwari Dental College & Research Centre, Bangalore.

It may be mentioned here that he has worked under the guidance of Dr.Rajklimar Alle, Professor & HOD of Othodontics, Bangalore, who is an authority in Orthodontis And Dentofacial Asthetics.

Further Dr.Girish has worked with the best & other wizards in the country in the field of Orthodontics, Dr.Gaurav Jeet Ratra from Noida, New Delhi & Dr.Komal Majumdar for Implant Prosthesis & also Dr.Moez Khakiani for Fixed Prosthesis, to handle the difficult & most complicated cases in his branch.

He has done certified course from New York University, USA, in Cosmetic & Oral Rehabilitation. He has attended various workshops in different sub-specialties of dentistry & hands on training. He has presented scientific papers at regional & state level conferences.

Dr. Vaani Chhabrani

Dr.Vaani Chhabrani has finished her B.D.S from V.S.P.M’s Dental College & Research Centre, Nagpur in 2014. She has three years of clinical & surgical experience. Expertise in root canal treatment also wide experience in pediatric dentistry.

She has worked as assistant doctor in various orthognathic, condylar, zygomatic, mandible,carcinoma surgeries under general anaesthesia. Done certified course in endodontics.

Dr. Prasad K. Nichat

With a clinical experience of more than 7 years, he has entered teaching recently. He is very passionate about his work and wants to encourage students through his knowledge, work and skill.

His vision is to turn newly passed outs and inexperienced students into skilled and knowledgeable dentists and thus, improving the quality of dentists in the society.