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Orthodontics has evolved significantly in recent times. Whilst it was once an option just offered to children, nowadays orthodontics is widely used by adults too. Orthodontics can be used to correct anything from minor cosmetic issues like slightly overlapping teeth to serious overcrowding issues causing pain or difficulty cleaning. There are many orthodontic options available; many of them short term, 4 – 6 months, depending on your requirements. Orthodontics is the diagnosis and correction of malformed teeth, essentially straightening teeth for better dental hygiene. Overlapped or overcrowded teeth cause pain, improper bites. Shifting crooked teeth into place, closing gaps and aligning the bite comes under Orthodontics.

Quick Straight Teeth: A Discreet, Simple Solution

This advanced system utilizes clear, removable aligners to shift teeth into the desired position. It is ideal for crowded or crooked teeth, closing gaps and aligning your bite. The aligners are switched out every two weeks, moving your teeth closer to perfection.

Traditional Braces

Still the most widely used method for a straight smile; traditional braces are used for predictable final results. Brackets are attached to the teeth, connected by wires to improve the appearance of teeth, improve your bite and correct underbites, overbites and crossbites.

Types of Braces

Metal Braces:

Metal braces are very noticeable when you smile, laugh, or talk. This can make people feel very self-conscious. Those feelings can be even greater if you have an important event coming up, like a job interview or a wedding. Ceramic braces are meant to be less noticeable, and so a good alternative to more traditional braces.

Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic Braces have brackets made of ceramic or porcelain or in some cases plastic. The brackets can be clear or else colored to be the same color as your teeth. Thus, they usually blend in with your teeth much better than metal braces. People with lighter teeth do fine with clear brackets, but if you have darker teeth, having colored braces might be a better option.

It used to be that only the brackets for these braces were ceramic, while the wire itself was made of metal. These days clear wires are available as well, making these braces even less visible.

Short-term Orthodontics

Get stunning, quick results in just 4-9 months with short-term orthodontics. This purely cosmetic treatment moves your visible “smile teeth” without altering your bite. It uses clear, discreet brackets and wires that match the color of your teeth. It’s faster and less expensive than options such as aligner therapy, veneers or traditional braces.

Early Intervention Orthodontics

To correct structural problems in children generally under the age of 14, These can be corrected to prevent further issues from occurring.

Early orthodontics are used to expand the dental arches, making room for adult teeth, eliminating discrepancies between the upper and lower jaw, improving facial shapes or breathing airways and diminishing the chance of TMJ problems.

For Adult:

Is there an age limit to getting braces?

It is never too late to have the perfect smile. Braces, veneers, aligners can be set up at almost any age. The only contraindication to getting orthodontic care for adults is gum diseases or weak gums.

Why are adults seeking orthodontics?

More and more adults are lining up for Orthodontic care not only to fix minor teeth issues overseen in their adolescence but to boost self-esteem. Uneven teeth often makes people self-conscious. Thus, straight teeth and a healthy smile are therefore being sought after by adults.

Is it affordable?

At Dr.Chhabrani, gets the best orthodontic treatment in Nagpur through affordable plans. Highly advanced technology that speeds up treatment is at their expense.

For Children:

What is the ideal age for Orthodontics?

Every child should be seen by an orthodontist at the age of 7, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. Early screening leads to early detection and early treatment is always shorter, easier and less expensive.

What is the ideal age of getting braces?

It varies between 12-14 years of age, right after the last set of baby molars are lost.

What are the benefits of an early orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic intervention at an early age helps improve airways, provides confidence and a positive body image, helps prevent future teeth extraction or jaw surgery. Protrude teeth if corrected are saved from possible trauma.

Why Visit Us?

Our patients choose our dental team for their orthodontic needs for numerous reasons:

1. Customized orthodontics. With many services available, we can help you select which solution is right for you.

2. Needs are taken care of. At our full-service practice, we handle all your needs at one convenient location.

3. Experience you’ll benefit from. With decades of combined experience, we’re skilled in achieving the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

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Crooked teeth and affected jaws are giving you nightmare? Rush to Dr. Chhabrani, the very prominent orthodontic in Nagpur.

Why is Orthodontist needed? - Orthodontist in Nagpur

Earlier, people just knew dentists but now this term has evolved to orthodontist, who is like a magician. Yes, an orthodontist can rectify your malformed teeth and give you a million dollar smile.

Thanks to the evolving technology and experimentations, this tricky sounding thing has become so simplified that patients are more than eager to get the treatment without any fear of pain.

Benefits Of This Treatment

Do we need to explain how lovely you will look, if you will have a beautiful smile? Though, a beautiful smile comes from heart but it will lose it impact once you show your crowded or crooked teeth. So first benefit of this treatment is getting proper and aligned teeth with zero pain and secondly it boasted confidence.

Yes, a healthy and refreshing smile is always a key to look confidence, and maybe that’s the reason why adults are also opting for this treatment.

Methods Used In It

Though, now a days a removable aligners are much in trend to reset the teeth in right position but still there are many more methods being practiced. We are talking about Braces. We all have seen this type, this is an old school method where brackets are attached to teeth and are tied using wire, which help enhance the look of teeth.

This brace comes in two types, metal and ceramic.

Why Take treatment at Dr Chabbrani?

If we can say in one line we would say, they are the best orthodontist in Nagpur but we know this won’t satisfy you all. So let us tell you that at their specialty center, they are equipped with high-tech machines and set up.

Secondly, they offer customized orthodontics assistance and thirdly they have a decade over experience in this field, which again makes them promising.